If any of you had noticed I did post last night saying I was going to stay away from here for a little while.
The reason was I just couldn't think of what to do or write on here.
I feel I'm not showing all of who I am. You must all think me boring and silly.
If a little bit of inspiration came along and a nice layout for here, I shall be happy.
It's all looking rather tacky and dull.
Bare with me., I'm messing around with different colours and names for this blog.
I'd love if any of you could think of some ideas.
I'm rather quite stuck.



Mermaid said...

I hope you find your inspiration, dearie. I will wait patiently for your return♥

Anjelica said...

I hope you find your inspiration soon, I'll miss your lovely posts ever so much. I'm sure you'll make this blog even more lovely <3

Pixie said...

oh deary you're not silly!!
i think you're blog is probably far better than mine!
anyhow dont give up!!
love pixie xxx <3

Ellie Grace said...

I'll keep my eyes open for good inspiration to share. In the mean time I will be waiting patiently. =]
I hope you find some marvelous things on your own as well!

Ellie Grace

Megan said...

Oh Meg I shall miss your posts very much. I have only really just found your blog. I hope you find inspiration soon- we all have times like this and I'm sure you'll come through the other end more wondeful and inspirational than ever.
Oh P.S thank you for your help with the art stuff. :D x

suzannah said...

as all the others have said, i hope you find some inspiration soon too your blog is so beautiful and inspiring dear, but sometimes time can be rewarding! i am sure you'll find the perfect layout soon dear. much love, from suzannah ♥

ThESliMGiRL said...

You have a nice blog. I am now following you. Happy weekend!

Anjelica said...

If it's not too much trouble would you mind changing my blog name and url on you lovely list? I've changed my name to : unicorn whisper and the url to : unicornwhisper.blogspot.com

thanks ever so <3