I am back now dear sweetpeas! Did you miss me? I, myself missed you all and writing on here.
I'm so glad I took sometime away from here though, I felt I was becoming lost and if I'm honest uninspired and a little fedup. I simply coulden't think of anything to say or do on here and even though every single one of you has been supportive and oh so lovely, I still felt rather blank. But lets put that all behind us and start a fresh, does that sound good? HELL YEAH IT DOES!
Now before I go on I'd like to say a BIG thankyou to Yasmin for this neat little layout that she created. She kindly let me borrow it and I'm so very pleased with it. I like to keep things simple and not be messy but you might discover that I might have alot of writing at the side-> but you want grudge me on that will you?

Well what do you expect from me now that I'm back? Well expect pretty pictures that I find and fancy to share, and possibly my own pictures I take from my little adventures in the countryside. There might be times when I wont be writing and I'll just post a poem I like or a short story I've found or wrote. I think I'll really just make this blog about my favourite things, things I've done and what not. Make it personal but not too personal. A little piece of me that you all can see through this blog.

I'm going up the road with my Mum and Grandparents tomorrow. We're going to a castle where it has it's own christmas grotto! It should be magical and beautiful. If possibly I might be able to take some pictures but if not I am sorry.
Christmas is creeping up ever so quickly before our very eyes and I've already hinted what I'd like to have. There is this paticuliar necklace that I simply must have because it is just so, so precious!
Do any of you know what you want this year?
Earlier today I saw my younger cousin Jennifer with her boyfriend who is the same age as me and they were kissing away in the middle of the street! I'll sound like such an old woman but I remember her when she was 6 and we'd go to the park and play on the swings. Also it made me slightly jealous that she has a boyfriend and I have not. But boys aren't all that are they? ;)
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!
The sight, smell, sound, taste and touch of it all is so very lovely and warms my heart.
Sooooo I've announced my return and spoke of my excitment and loving of christmas.
All this rambling. Do you regret me being back =p

Bear hugs,
Miss Meg

QUESTION: What do you want for christmas? What do you wish for to appear under your tree?


Ellie Grace said...

Oh how crazy, I was just changing your name on my page! (I have a link on the side, where I put my favorite blogs.)
It is so nice to have you back! I have been looking for an update from you and finally there has been one. =]
Oh Christmas, I am so very excited! Its been so cold and wonderful lately. I am really hoping to find a keyboard piano under the Christmas tree this year... I have been begging my parents to get me on because I would love to learn to play.
I hope your time away from blogging has been wonderful!

Ellie Grace

Anjelica said...

Oh I am ever so glad that you're back! I love the new layout, it's so dreamy! For christmas I'd like to see a star gazing globe. So I can watch the stars underneath my duvet.

Megan said...

Oh I'm so glad to see you back! You have been dearly missed! I'm so glad you found inspiration. A little break seems to be all you needed because your new layout is wonderful. I look forward to more posts from you Miss Meg x

Anastasia said...

Welcome back Meg!! I've missed reading your lovely pages...I hope your time away was relaxing and inspiring and wonderful!!!