Hello my little pierrots.
Friday the 13th it is today! I'm not at all supersticious but I won't go under a ladder.
I know if I took those things seriously I'd be a nervous wreck and look like a maniac watching everything that was going on around me. Are any of you supersticious? If you are what do you avoid? What do you do for good luck? ect..
Moving on completely I have had an idea! I'd really like it if some of you would post a blog of yourself as a little child (any age will do) and a put a picture of yourself as you are now. Don't ask me why, I just thought it would be abit of fun. If you'd rather not thats ok but it would be nice.
Here is a picture of me when I was 2 or 3 and next to it is ofcourse a picture of me now at 18.

I looked abit of a munchkin didn't I? My hair was almost a golden red when I was little but it quickly went brown. Fortunatly I still have my curls but maybe not so many ringlets that I used to have. I need to use curlers if I want that.
In some ways I'm still am that little girl. I still love dressing up and playing characters. I still read my fairytales and make up stories, though I'll write them down on paper.
When I was little I was always dressed so pretty and smart. I wore dresses with matching hats and thrilly socks with little patent black buckle shoes. I'd wear blouses and cardigans with little trousers. I even had my own kilt!
 My Grandmother in America would send clothes that you couldn't get in the UK so I dressed differently from the other children. She'd send disney clothing and I even had my own minnie mouse costume with ears!!
I wish I could find that picture of me dressed as Minnie. It's very cute if I do say so myself!
I shall leave it at that now. Just the question and that shall be it till maybe Sunday or Monday.


I look more like my Mum than my dad. I have my dad's big blue eyes and tallness but everything else is just like my Mum. ( My Mum is only 5'3 while I'm 5'8 and my dad is 6'2)
I didn't take my colouring from either of my parents though for some reason. Both have dark, dark brown hair whilst mine is much lighter.
Everywhere I go people always say I'm my Mum's double! which is nice as my Mum is a very beautiful woman but I'd like to look like myself. You can get pretty sick of people saying "You look like twins!"
Does that mean I look the same age as my Mum! I hope not =p
Remember if you want to do the "Now and Then" pictures just say so in the comments.

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minsquin said...

oh what a lovely idea :)
i may just do that in my next post.

Sara said...

I have my father's eye SHAPE and skin colour but everything else about me is so much like my mum's family!!

Megan said...

What a wonderful idea! I'd love to see the responses to this. Infortunately I won't be taking part- I don't like seeing pictures of myself and I never take any. I'm far too self concious.
Oh and also, the picture at the top is beautiful. Where did you get it? x

Dauphiné said...

My Nan dressed me. It was mostly floral and frilly. Lovely, yes - but sickening at the same time.
People say I'm my Mum's double too, again it doesn't bother me because she's beautiful. I have nothing from my Dad which I'm quite grateful for because he's short. They both have brown eyes and mine are grey. Weird.
My little brother is the spitting image of my Grandad. I think it's strange how that can happen.

Anyway, a lovely post. I'm terribly superstitious. On Friday the 13th I don't step on cracks. I was jumping through town like a mad woman, hopping and skipping. It sounds silly doesn't it. I just get things like that in my head and have to see them through or something bad will happen.

Anastasia said...

You are so cute!!
As for your question, I look much more like my dad and his side of the family than my mom's. Apparently I received all his Irish genes. I have his dark curly hair and fair and bone structure!

Ellie Grace said...

Oh how sweet! You were an adorable little girl! I will most definitely have to post a picture sometime tomorrow. What a cute idea.
I look just like my mother did when she was young, but I have my fathers hight. Mom is so short and round now and I am tall and thin, just like dad. I definitely have my mom's dark hair and complexion though. Nothing like my sister who is the carbon copy of my father.
I hope you are doing well, Miss Meg!

Ellie Grace

beautifulnemo said...

aw, do you know who is that first illustration from? I'd love to know. :)
I just discovered your blog thanks to your comment in Sara's one and I'm loving it:)
Maybe I'll do this post too.

You were lovely btw, and you are lovely now too:)

xxx :))))

Tira said...

Hello, Megan!
I am not superstitious at all.
Your photos of then and now are lovely. :)
Regarding your question on my blog: the book I am currently reading is Jane Eyre. Have you read it?