Hello cottontails!
I am so glad you responded to my favourite things post! I know no pictures were taken but this is because my camera has officially died :(
Anywhooties the lovely Angelica left me a blog award! A second award in under a week, I'm so, so thankfull.
Because of the award I have to list seven things about myself. Well here I go, you might find them rather dull though.

  1. I come from Scotland but 10 years of my life were spent in Kent, England. I'm back living in Scotland in the town I come from and I've never lost my scottish accent which I'm very happy about.

  2. I don't like the taste of alcohol or the smell of ciggarettes. Therefore I hardly drink and never smoke.

  3. My Great Grandparents mean everything to me. They are such a special couple and they're the most kindest, friendliest, loveliest and funniest people. They're so in love after nearly 70 years of marriage and my Grandpappy is so cuddley and my Great Grannie is such a naughy little thing.

  4. I'm a farmers daughter and I love the countryside and being with the animals. Whether it's rain or snow  I'll be out and about with them.

  5. I don't really listen to the music of today. I'm more of a old time rocker. I love Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Janis Joplin ect. My dad is to blame because of it.

  6. My Mum is my best friend. She's hysterical if not slighty bonkers. She's so sweet and everyone just loves her. She's amazing.

  7.  I have always been creative than accademic. I hated maths and science at school. My best subjects were english, art and drama. I was one of those drama geeks. I performed in every play and studied it for four years.
There you go! At first I wasn't sure what to put but now I don't want to stop. If someone else leaves me a tag like this I'd be quite happy to do so.
Anywhooties I know it wasn't rather exciting but I'm happy with it. I really want you all to know a little something about me and who I am as a person.
Moving on, now that the nights are getting dark earlier in the evening and the air is biting cold I love nothing more than staying in with the fire on and a good book in my hands. I also have been going rather nuts on my Tumblr, posting so many pictures that I have found.
I'll leave another post on either Thursday or Friday.



Anonymous said...

DEVENDRA BANHART. Whenever I hear his music my heart literally soars into the sky and all I can picture is his beautiful face.
Your seven things are wonderful. You seem so family-orientated and innocent. It's really sweet and refreshing. <3

Sara said...

I enjoyed reading that, a lot!

Anonymous said...

oh such a lovely post dear, it is fun learning about people. it does seem that we are very similar i can relate to many of the things you have posted here ♥

ooh and to answer the question, at night when i have nothing to do i either draw, read, look through blogs, look for inspiration on the internet like on flickr etc ♥

Nichocacola said...

Hello! That was a lovely post!

To answer your question, I like to spend cold nights at home pouring over the pages of my atlas, imagining all the wonderful places there are in the world :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Megan. :) When I have nothing else to do, I snuggle up and read a book. Tonight is a very rare empty night, I don't have any plans, so I will start reading a new book. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

my dear, you are so darling! I can completely agree with you on this: "I don't really listen to the music of today. I'm more of a old time rocker. I love Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Janis Joplin ect. My dad is to blame because of it." but add the beatles and we're good(:
lets see, I usually am bent over a peice of paper in the late hours of the night. I do my best art and writing at 11 at night. thank you for asking, dearie♥
hugs & hugs
xx olivia

p.s. i wish i had a scottish accent(:

Megan said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. It's very interesting to get an insight into other people's lives. And reading this I think we have a lot in common. x

Ellie Grace said...

You are so darling! I am intensely jealous that you live in Scotland and have lived in England. I wish to go to Scotland at some point in my life! The US is so boring... There isn't such a rich culture like there is in Europe.
I live with my grandparents and they seem just like yours. My grandma is such a spitfire and my grandpa is so cuddley as well! They are precious. =]
As for the question... I either spend time in my bible or doodle. I have a whole sketch book just full of my little drawings. =]

Ellie Grace

sara said...

ooh i love reading these things:)you are so lucky that you live in the country,i hope to to someday.hmmm i guess to answer your question,i like to read,read blogs,watch television probably more than i should:P

Anastasia said...

I love reading these sort of things too!!! Your life sounds magical.

And as for your question, I usually read a book or draw silly pictures that look much better in my head!


Lilee said...