My Great Grandmother passed on the 9th. It seems she died of a broken heart and gave up. She just celebrated her 90th and I'm ever so lucky I had 18 years with the both of them.
They're together now and at peace. 68 years of marriage and the best Grandparents I could ever hope for.

Lets put a little sunshine back into this blog.


Megan said...

Dearest Meg,
I'm so so sorry for your loses, I know how special Grandparents or Great Grandparents are. We all know how close you were so my best thoughts are with you and your family my dear.
It's so inspirational to see how well you are coping, and how positive you are. The poem is lovely, just lovely. x

Looking forward to more blog posts x

Ellie Grace said...

I am sending sunshine your way. I hope you catch some of it in a jar and save it always.

Ellie Grace

Miss Meg said...

Thank you both my sweetpeas.