Hello dears!
I know I've been somewhat of a bad blogger and I know how some of you are rather upset that I haven't been writing as often. I really should bite my tongue and think before I speak, or should I say write in this circumstance. I told you all previously that I will post twice a week and that the next following post would be of photos of my walks. Well as you see I have done neither.  I do have an explanation though. I've been given some upsetting news about my Great Grandfather. He is alright but his health has gotten a little bad during the past 2 months and only recently did he tell me what was wrong with him.
I feel I can write on here and tell you all what is wrong with my Great Grandfather to you guys because I see you all as lovely friends and you all are simply wonderful people. 
You'll know that I'm very, very close to my Great Grandparents so understandbley when my Great Grandfather told me the news I was devastated and extremely upset, but his illness is easily treated and quite common in men.  He has Prostate cancer and without my knowing he has had it for 2 years now but has been in excellant health because of the fantastic treatment he has been given. It's been pretty bad this time because of the weather and the fact he had a fall a couple months back, but he is getting back to his good old self.
My Great Grandfather is my SUPERMAN! he is everything a man should be and he's such a character! He turned 93 2 weeks ago and he looks great! 
Well anyways I'm busier than ever. The usual work and study but now also helping my Great Grandmother atm whilst my Great Grandfather can recover. 
I shall finish with telling you all 4 things about myself that the sweet Minna  has awarded me with. I find these things difficult because I don't want to sound awefully boring but here you go.

  1. I love to spend my sunday's just sitting in my Great Grandparent's livingroom with them and telling jokes and share stories with them whilst the fire burns.
  2. I have a terrible habbit of playing with my hair and my earlobes when I'm bored. I press my earlobe on abit of my hair and it goes all prickly. It sounds rather strange but it's a nice comforting feeling. (I just sound weird lol)
  3. I love dressing up even if I'm not going anywhere and just staying in the house. I'll have baggy clothes on for lazing around in and do my hair and makeup just for the fun of it!
  4. When I was little I would go into the bathroom and turn the taps on in the sink and put my Mum's products (lotions ect..) into the water and use the end of a toothbrush to mix it all. I was pretending I was a witch making her potions in a cauldron. I was a very imaginative child :)
So there you have it! Four ever so interesting facts about myself!!
I hope it's not against the rules to chose you all to be awarded with this? It's just I cannot decide and I'll feel rather mean if I don't include all of you! If you read this post then you are officially been awarded to write four things about yourselves!
Right..I'll not bother checking punctuation or spelling so if this post is messy I'm sorry.
OHHHHH finally I was wondering if any of you dears know any layouts I can use? I'm not very happy with this one. It's not neat enough  for me and it's pretty stretched out which I don't really like. If you would be kind enough to share a layout with me I'll happily credit you for it.
I'm offskies now, I smell a cup of tea that's calling my name!


For me it's the ability to fly!


Anjelica said...

Oh my dear! I'm ever so sorry about your great grandfather! I hope he makes a swift recovery! I'd love to be able to fly, or to be invisible. I hope you're ok <3

Vivi said...

Oh! I'm sorry about your great-grandad!! I hope he gets well as soon as possible!!

I also did the lotions&potions thing with all my mum's products... she went furious when she discovered!!



Angus said...
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Angus said...

Sucks to hear.. I wish your Grandpa a speedy recovery. And lol about the cauldron, nice.

The Owl Diary said...

I shall be praying for your grandfather! & I, too, like dressing up even when I have no where to go. Have a lovely week. xx