I fancy abit of a makeover on my blog here.
I find it bland and boring and I shall only show 1 entry per page as I find more that 5 abit messy.
Do please be patient with me, I know I have promisef to show my favourite things, and have already once  said I couldn't manage. This as you will understanbly know is because of work and studying.
I won't expect annoyance cause your all too sweet.
Do come back though! I will start blogging as much as I did before.
For the past week I have been getting addicted to Tumblr! Do any of you have it?
You can follow me if you like and I shall do the same.
I have over 700 pictures uploaded after just a week! I know ridiculous! But they are pretty pictures.
Anywhooties I shall comment back when I get the chance.

Aurevoir for now
Miss Meg

I am. I told Delicate Diaries that I'm dressing as a marrionette doll! I might post a picture of myself.


Ellie Grace said...

I think your new look will be just wonderful. Simplicity is most often much better than anything else, I imagine.
I am patiently awaiting your favorite things post! I know just how you feel about being busy with school... It seems like my school just picked up a bit in the work load!
Good luck!

Ellie Grace

Anastasia said...

I love the new look of your blog!!! Very ethereal...
As for me, I am very excited for dressing up and Halloween! I've been watching Hocus Pocus over and over just to get prepared for the wonderful-ness of All Hallow's Eve. So magical!
And yes, I do have a Tumblr! It is so very addicting, isn't it?
Here's a link to my page:

Happy Halloween!!

Anjelica said...

I love your new layout I think my blog needs a bit of a spring clean too!

I've already added you on tumblr! In case you haven't realized it's me: I'm faded-dreams.

I don't think I'm going to dress up this halloween, I think I'll just snuggle up and read Dracula.

Have a lovely day


suzannah said...

oh i really adore the new look dear! the colours are so beautiful, i love how the writing seems so cute because it is small and the music is so enchanting too, i could just listen to it forever and dream about lovely things ♥

Dauphiné said...

eeeeeeee your header is the cutest thing ever. i love it.

my bedroom is always a mess. it's quite strange because i'm organised in other areas of my life and i'm a perfectionist. can't wait to see your things, whenever that may be!

in some ways you are lucky to live around water, but don't you get scared? i am so paranoid about everything. sea levels rising, it makes me so nervous! i really do hope you have a lovely halloween too! lets hope you don't overdose on tim burton or something - although i don't think that'd be a bad thing. ♥

Miss Meg said...

Oh it wouldn't be at all.

Megan said...

Thank you so much for your comment and for following me! I was so excited when I signed in too see I had a new follower!
I'm very very glad you added me because now I have found your blog! Its so lovely, and I'm so gland to see your David Bowie fan too!
Hes wonderful isn't he?
I shall definately be following you too. Thank you so much :D

Miss Meg said...


Sara said...

thank you :)

I was dressed as an "English Lady"

Greer said...

pretty blog.

Ellie Grace said...

Hello, dear!
Just thought I would let you know, I left you a little something special on my blog.
Hope you are doing well!

Ellie Grace

Athena. said...

I love it :)
I love your blog,