Hello Sweetpeas!
I woke up this morning to discover ghostly white skies and rain hitting off my window.
I love the rain and how cold it feels on your face and the way it makes your cheeks go red and the frozen feeling it leaves on the tip of your nose.
Ofcourse if your properly wrapped up and not wearing a light coat or cardigan and dress then your done for with the cold or even flu!
I went out earlier this evening thinking I might take some pictures and put them on here because of "Raindrop and Rosepetals" idea of "Getting Lost" but the rain starting pouring so badly I just coulden't take any pretty pictures. I'll do it again though when the weather is brighter and a better location.

As I said before it's my 18th this Monday and I've made it clear that I wish I would stay a child, but though it's impossible to get back to being a child, I still can be a child at heart "cliche" I know but tis very true.
Without going on and on I shall leave with some pretty little pictures.
I actually thought I'd have something to say but really my mind is on my birthday and other things, so I do apologise for this rather dull post.

Question: Can you remember your favourite childhood birthday?
Mine was when I was five or
six and my Mother hired the entire town hall and it had this massive bouncy castle that was infact shaped as a medeval castle. My curls where in bows and I had the prettiest polka dot dress.
I think the theme must have  been fairytale orientated as I remember my cake being white and pink with a unicorn and princess models on top and there were cardboared turrets on on the doors..but I don't remember much else.

There you go, now it's YOUR turn.
I can't wait to hear them.



Sara said...

oh have a lovely birthday! Keep in mind that you can always grow without "growing up"

I think I loved all my childhood birthdays, my grandmother would bake the cakes herself and make us lovely food

Miss Meg said...

My Mother has always made my cakes and all the other little treats.
This bday won't be any different :)

sara said...

oh your 18th year will be wonderful:)i remeber it well as it was only a few months ago for me. and do not fret dear, if being childlike is in your heart,then that is where it will stay:) i can't really remember my favourite birthday...hmmm maybe when i was turning 4 and my family took me for a picnic down by the river...

Anonymous said...

how delightful! i don't want to grow up, either♥

english-rose-darlingg said...

Ohhh I hope you have a wonderful 18th!!!
Mine is in November, but I too wish I could stay young forever.
I wish Peter pan would run away with me to neverland :)

I can't really remember most of this memory, but I remember me and my twin sister wearing identical light blue dresses with pink bows in our hair, and all our little friends singing happy birthday to us :)


Miss Meg said...

Peter Pan come to my window and take me to neverland for a trip on the enchanting island!

Just precious.

Anonymous said...

such a sweet blog :]
i shall follow you x

Miss Meg said...

Thankyou dearie. :)