Sunday, Sunday!
The rain was on but the sun was shining alongside it so it was such a pretty view.
Here are some pictures I took of my house.
First I took some pictures of my flowers that my Grandfather helped replant for our new house.
Aren't they pretty?

Then I took pictures of the sky to show you what day I am having.

Bright light and dark clouds. Just beautiful.

Then I thought I'd show you what I see out my windows in my house..

Bengulian hills and forest at the top.
I will take some photos when I walk up there sometime. It is truly magical and fairytale like.

And the old church that is behind my garden..

And the old victorian washer that is antique in my garden ^^

Well there you go my little photos of my house and what I see around me.
I will try and take more photos of my life in future but for now I'm going to celebrate my 18th tomorrow and shop till my hands will most probably drop ^.^
Oh and Emma is on tonight so I shall cuddle up near the fire with a nice hot cup of tea.
A roast dinner tonight scrumptious!!

QUESTION: Describe your house to me or a place you love to visit.
Miss Meg

Please do not steal any of my photographs and claim as your own.


Anonymous said...

oh such a lovely post dear miss meg, all the photos are so beautiful, i love every single one of them and oh, that victorian washer is so beautiful! i too shall be watching emma tonight, i cannot wait! and oh i do hope you have a magical birthday dear, much love from suzannah ♥

p.s i have added your blog to my unicorns page because it is so lovely ♥

Anonymous said...

bonjour miss meg! it seems you've had a lovely day. i love the sky and your whole surroundings. the church is so haunting! + the hills and forest. eeeek! im jealous!

i live on a steep hill and my house is old and tall. everything creaks and falls apart. our garden is enclosed and gets narrower and narrower. next door race pigeons, so we are surrounded by black railings and i can always hear them flying outside of my window. it's strangely very comforting.

happy birthday for tomorrow. i really hope you have a wonderful day.

much love, yasmin, X

Miss Meg said...

Thankyou so much Suzannah!
And thankyou both for wishing me a Happy Birthday! It was magical.
Miss Meg

Anonymous said...

oh thankyou ever so much for your wonderful comment dear, and for also adding me on your pretty petals blog list to, it really means alot to me ♥

english-rose-darlingg said...

Thank you :) You are so sweet, & you actually give really good advice :)

Well I'm sure that if this boy you grew up with doesn't realize how amazing you are, someone else will :)& someone once told me that boys you are friends with always fancy you at some point

Ohhh and I know exactly how you feel... my parents divorced when I was younger. You have to realize that their decision to split is nothing to do with you, and that they both still love you, & I bet he's missing you too.

Btw, I love these pictures! Especially the pictures of your view of the hills- they look so beautiful & inviting.


Miss Meg said...

Thankyou so much.