Cupcakes my darling Snoopy has something to announce!
Sometime this week Miss Meg shall take pictures of her favourite things she has around her bedroom!
She has many bits and bobs she'd really like to share with you and she does hope you shall do the same!
Tell a story if you like of how you got your things, what they mean to you ect, ect.
For instance Miss Meg got me in Paris when she was eight from her Mother. It was love at first sight!

Toodlepips for now!


Mermaid said...

I am ever so excited♥

Lilee said...

hahha snoopy is the besttt!

Sara said...

oh I can't wait snoopy!

Erimentha said...

i love snoopy!

your blog is cute as!


Maya said...

I just discovered your blog, your magical, dreamy blog, and I am quite looking forward to more of your writing. You are heartbreaking, girl, in the most complimentary of ways. And the cutiepie Snoopy doesn't hurt either :) xo http://smallsmilesfromthegirl.blogspot.com/

Jodes said...

I just found your blog and it is so lovely!
Judging by your aesthetic the little bits and pieces of your room are going to be so sweet!
Can't wait to see!

Ellie Grace said...

Oh I'm so excited! What a great idea. Now I need to go on a scavenger hunt and try to find some goodies. =]

un petit lapin said...

Ooh oooh! I think I'll do this.
Can't wait to see your favourite things.