You really are the most sweetest people. I did not expect such kindess and sweetness, and for that I am ever go thankfull. I do love to come on here and see you've written a comment and see what you've written.
Tonight I watch "The Dutchess" and I must say it wasn't my favourite period drama.
I don't know what it was I just didn't enjoy it as I thought I might.
Keira Knightly is a strange actress to me. Sometimes I like her acting, then other times I don't. It really depends on the movie. I do love her in Antonement and The Edge of Love though with the beautiful Sienna Miller!
But anywhoots I'd like to thank SEAFARINGS for following me! I shall be commenting on everyones blogs but as for this month I shall be away from the internet as I'm moving and my attention needs to be on that.
But please do comment whilst I'm away and when I get back I shall return comments. I promise.
I had my bath earlier tonight and  I used a bath bomb that was such a pretty colour and smell. Lemony and powderey scent that when fizzing in the water little stars came out! It was such a pretty sight!
I shall leave with this delightfull poem and these enchanting pictures.
Straight into my lovers arms.
You've always been bashful; you're just that way,
But your eyes are like billboards, they give you away.
Your mouth is a trumpet somebody else plays.
Long after the notes gone the tone usually stays.
And your chest's a fine pillow with lining of feather.
Your hair is a family whose strands stick together.
Your fingers are keys from the grandest piano,
Played by a mind that the lord only knows.
The tongue of an angel floats in red wine saliva.
Your teeth are out of porcelain made by masters in China.
Your face can't be captured by pictures or words.
And your voice is a music that I never heard.
And your skin is a cream dipped out beyond measure.
Your nose is a peak never touched by the weather.
Your fingers are keys from the grandest piano,
Played by a soul that the lord only knows.
- Masters in China by Priscilla Ahn

Shall hear you all soon!




Anonymous said...

my dear, i am so happy to have discovered your blog! we appearantly have the same taste in blog backgrounds:)

♥the photos are just exqusite.

sara said...

oh what a lovely post!beautiful pictures!i would have to say the my favourite period drama is marie antoinette(not alot of history-but gorgeous!)and my favourite poem is 'the lady of shalott' by tennyson!

english-rose-darlingg said...

:) yes, thanks again for sharing the website with me!

Have fun moving house :)


delicate diaries said...

those photos are so beautiful!

Tree Castles said...

hello. thank you so much for the comment! yes, f.lia block is an amazing author. i do hope you'll fall in love with one of her stories. :)
the photos are so beautiful.
and your bath sounded lovely. oh, i wish i had a bath, too, but it's been so hot lately here. i feel like if i come out of my bath, i'll faint!!!! :)
i shall wait for the weather to cool down. autumn will be here soon. and i hope to take a bath as lovely as yours. <3

Anonymous said...

Gosh your blog is so sweet! *Following.

Yasmin, X

Elise said...

Miss Meg, such a beautiful post ! Thank you

minsquin said...

oh my lovely, i am so glad i stumbled across this blog :)
it is so perfect. the pictures in this post are so dreamy.
my favourite period drama has to be either the 1995 series of Pride and Prejudice or 'Coco avant Chanel'
but i have no idea at all what my favourite poem is

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a truly beautiful blog here. So pretty and interesting and whimsical. :)