I am ever so glad you answered my first blog question, it was really lovely to read.
I'd  like to thank the two Sara's for following me, I was so pleased with your comments and I am forever thankfull for your sweetness.
Anywhoots today was not a very pleasent day at all! Infact I just stayed in and curled up on the couch in my livingroom with the fire blazing (imagine not long ago it was hot, hot heat!)
I kept my laptop on and placed it on the footstool and watched Pride and Predjudice AGAIN! (1995 version)
That version my sweets is the best! I cannot think of a better Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy than Jennifer Ehle and the forever dashing Colin Firth!
I think this adaptation was the most, without doubt the most accurate and truest to the book. Nearly every word from the book was in the film. It certainly captured the beauty and art of Miss Austen's writing.
Jennifer is so perfectly cast, full of emotion, and plays such a subtle, nuanced performance.
And Colin Firth...well what can I say he is just EXACTLY what you'd picture Darcy to be! Those eyes and the obvious love and admiration for Elizabeth is so heart melting, I just...I can't even explain lol.
Also the fact they(Jennifer and Colin) fell in love whilst making the drama helps cause you certainly see it!
I felt like the actress who played Jane, though obviously a pretty woman, wasn't as beautiful as Jennifer as Elizabeth. I don't mean that cruelly I just felt Elizabeth was the most attractive when Jane in the book was meant to be.
ANYWHOOTS (You'll notice I do say this alot ^.^) I have to say this scene below me is such a nice sight for your eyes^.^(that meaning Colin in the wet shirt) I'm terrible I know.
Wow, well I've certainly written alot, but as you may have known by now theres nothing more I like than a good old romance!
Let me dream and daydream of when I shall have my own Mr Darcy...for thats all I can do for now.

QUESTION:What is your most favourite book and film? Any recomandations for me?


Sara said...

my favourite book would be The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera!

And Colin, oh, Colin!!

cody said...

great blog.
xx cody


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful post dear. and my favourite book or film is the secret garden book and film! they are both so beautiful ♥

english-rose-darlingg said...

I love that film <3
My favorite book would probably have to be Wuthering Heights/The Tower Room series, and my favorite film is The Phantom of The Opera or Practical Magic :)

Your blog is becoming one of my favorites :D


Miss Meg said...

Oh that has made me smile English Rose Darling.
I love Phantom of the Opera aswell as Practical Magic!
Wuithering Heights isn't my personal favourite because of the way Heathcliffe behaves but I like it nonetheless.
My personal favourites are too many to mention...I'd probably not give myself any room.