The war is raging, but the glamour must go on.

Sweet peas!
This is a very late post but I just had to thank "Delicate Diaries" for following me.
I know it must sound like no big deal but I do want to show my appreciation.
I was very happy to discover that I had 1 new follower and now know I just simply should carry on blogging as I just have so much I'd like to share!
Anywhoots I thought I'd share thisSince the age of 12 I have had an addiction to old Hollywood movies and it's actors and actresses.
This book is exactly what I need as I think those days the actresses where truly talented, strong and beautiful women. The men were nothing but gentlemen , it made me fantasize that someday I will find some man exactly like those off the old movies. (But I know that's very unlikely, but still I'd like a Gentleman nevertheless)
On my walls in my bedroom I have old Hollywood posters and little pictures of some of the actors and actresses, and have a countless collection of old films.
All I need is to get this book AND for my 18th this October I shall attempt to get my hair done exactly like Gene Tierney, as her hairstyle was typically 1940's.
Gosh now I want to buy loads of tea dresses and pretty stockings!
I think I shall end this blog now ( before I burst with enjoyment) and leave these pictures of War Time advertisments for Max Factor and Revlon.
(Oh if only I could have seen my Grandmothers makeup back then)

This is my first question at the end of a blog so please do comment.

Q:What decade do you wish you could time travel to and why?



sara said...

oh dear oh dear oh dear!i think my heart fluttered right out of my chest when i clicked on your blog!it is so beautiful my dear!i think i need to be your best friend:)that is a hard question though!i would probably say during the 1800s,so i could wear petticoats and such:)but also the 20s and 40s!

Miss Meg said...

Thankyou so much :)
I'd love the 20's for it's silent movies, 40's for it's tead dresses and hair and 60's and 70's for it's music and carefree attitude.
But I always change my mind...I'm indecisive like the picture below says. >.<

suzannah said...

oh, lovely post as usual dear, and also i really love the colours you have used on your blog, especially the dusty purple for your background. and oh, that question is very hard. i would maybe choose sometime in the 1800's just like sara said above, women at that time always looked so exquisite ♥

Sara said...

I would either live in the 30s or 40s or 50s!

I think the 40s in Egypt. Everyone was happy and everything was lovely. With a very pretty royal family.

Other wise the 50s but not in Egypt. That's when my grandparents were my age. I loved their fashion. And the pace of life. We have a very fast pace and we often get caught up...

Sad, isn't it?

english-rose-darlingg said...

Thank you so much m'dear that website is beautiful!

And I would have to say the 1950's because of the glamour and the 1960's (with edie sedgwick and andy warhol) :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx