For him I'll put on a brave smile and carry on as normal.
Inside my body is falling apart, my eyes tear up every now and then. The pain I feel doesn't stop.
He is my everything, my superhero, my teddybear. He is my Great Grandpappy and he is so special to me that no words can express.
The thing I've dreaded the most is happening. As I write this he is in his bed with my Great Grandmother to comfort him. He is dying and there is nothing I can do. It's such a shock because he was such a fit man, or so I thought. He was suffering with prostrate cancer for two years without my Mum and I knowing. The family knew it would have been hard for my Mum and I to live so far from him. It's a blessing we're back here with him now.

Sorry I can't write anymore.


Jen said...

you're stronger than you think, take care sweetie xxx

Yasmin D G said...
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Fran said...

All I can say is that you are really strong, and I admire that. I send you lots of hugs and I will pray for him and your family.

Anastasia said...

Oh Meg,
I wish you a thousand hugs and a thousand prayers straight from me. Sometimes being strong doesn't mean putting on a brave face, sometimes it just means being alive when we wish we weren't and asking to hold someone's hand.

Nata Amores said...

Hang in there, girly.
I love your blog.