So high above the world I'm flying,
the only breeze is an angel sighing
The warm glow of the sun shines down on me,
as I drift ever closer to my destiny
Floating through these beams so bright,
I push myself to reach new heights
I don't know when, but someday soon,
I'll be there dancing on the stars, on the moon
On the ground I hear them cry
to get back on earth, and out of the sky
I'm not meant to touch the stars,
They're just too bright, and much too far
And just when I stop flying, start falling
I hear the voice of an angel calling
I listen well to her sweet sound,
saying, Fly on, and don't ever look down

'Fly' by Angela K. Dyson

The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply that

they have perfect faith
for to have faith is to have wings

James Matthew Barrie

QUESTION:If you were given the chance to transform into an animal (think Harry Potter) what animal would you choose to be?

As you've noticed this post is about Birds and that is my choice of transformation!
I have a budgie of my own and he is such a clever thing! He speaks and copies everything you'll say, just like a parrot! He is blue and white and we raised him since he was an egg!
Birds are beautiful to me and coming from a fishing town there are plenty of different birds around!
Owls are a favourite as I have jewlerry of them and a stuffed cuddly owl.
So what would you transform into?


Anonymous said...

beautiful post as usual dear, and oh that question is really hard! though i think that maybe i would be some kind of woodland creature, maybe a deer or owl because they are both so delicate and magical ♥

Anonymous said...

p.s i love the new look to you blog, the background colour is so pretty and i love the header ♥

Anonymous said...

i think a swan would be cool, because then i would belong to the queen. or i'd be a talking cat like salem saberhagen!!

yasmin, X

Miss Meg said...

Sabrina the teenage witch!
Remember spending my sundays age 10 watching repeats, including Charmed!!

hannah said...

cute little drawing! i would be a cat for sure.

sara said...

lovely post dear:)hmm...i'd have to say that i would be a deer.they are so timid and quiet,and i've encountered them on walks through the woods more than once where we've both stopped and just stared at eachother for a few seconds.

Anonymous said...
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Anastasia said...

What a lovely post!!!
I think I'd like to transform into a horse. I've always loved horses, I think they're so beautiful. Perhaps I'd even transform into a unicorn!!!

Barbie said...

If i could change into any animal it would be David Bowie because he is a sexy beast. OH MAN. for real though. Then I could see myself naked. lmao. omg creepy but idk because he is my very favorite person on the face of the earth... or mars... and i am happy to see that you also adore him


Miss Meg said...

Oh I shall have to get back to all of you very soon!

مى said...

A bird! Definitely!!!!! :)